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Celebrities with Germophobia

People who talk about their germophobia publically deserves our love and respect. There are alot of celebrities who have embraced their germophobia in public and in our opinion there is nothing to feel embarrassed about being a "GermoPhobic."

Here is a list of all those celebs who have disclosed their irrational fear of germs.


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Everything you need to know about OCD.

People think that OCD and Germophobia are entirely different things but in reality these are interlinked. A person with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder - OCD, may also be a germophobic at the same time. If you are still confused about OCD, then give a read to this article which has briefly explained that what is OCD, what are its causes and why do you have it? 

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Confessions of a Germophobe

If you are a germophobe then this article by Amy Johnson is going to make you so happy. This is such a fun piece where the writer has disclosed the confessions made by a germophobe. This piece actually tells that how does it feel to be a germophobe and despite taking all the precautionary measures, you are still not safe from the attack of germs. 

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Coronavirus is a nightmare for a germaphobe

If you are a germpohobe then you should definitely give a read to this amazing article, which tells that how people have adapted to the new normal (COVID-19) situation. It is extremely difficult time for those who have suffered from the virus. This deadly virus is actually a nightmare for germophobes!!!


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Germophobe's guide for dining out

Holiday season is a time when people loves to hang out together, have fun and live their life in the most happening way. People usually eat at least once in a holiday season. A restaurant may looks abolsutely spotless but there are tons of hidden germs creeping into unexpected place like table top, chair, menu cards and what not. 

 Here, his guide to the germiest contamination zones to watch out for in restaurants.

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